When Grimsby turned up in a minibus, their lack of numbers was apparent and they'd start with a goalie, six skaters, the back up goalie changing into lineswoman Liz Smith's kit and a borrowed coach, Steve Nurse. Tim Dempsey was the only absentee for the Aces.

Aces have won a match in the past with only six skaters but this task was quickly beyond a Grimsby side that had won the first leg of its wooden spoon challenge the night before. Grimsby did force the first save of the game from Phil Verstappen but:
1. Billy Price was stopped on a break but the rebound went high and hit Jason Hewitt rushing to the net and Greg Allen put in the loose puck at the near post
2. Greg's pass found Billy out wide to slot home.
3. Billy's pass to Greg in the corner. Phil stops two Grimsby breaks.
4. Puck to Jason in front to score.
5. Brian Worrall beats a defenceman for pace, skates in and scores high.
6. Pass from the side to Jason to put puck just inside post.
7. Stephen Elliott pounces on loose puck after Nick Crawley effort stopped.
8. Pass from Greg behind the net and Jason scores through 5 hole.
9. Luke Stretton hits the puck towards the net and Steve Michie puts it in.

10. Nick skates in, his effort is stopped and he's credited with scoring the follow up although any one of the few in front of the net might have got the final touch. Phil's new goalie helmet affects his balance and to quote Mark Cull 'goes a*sing rather than icing'.
11. Greg turns and lifts in.
12. Simon skates in, passes to Stephen E at the side to score.
13. Greg follows the puck in with the goal credited to Jason and inspired by a Verstappen assist.
14. Pass from Billy behind the goal to Greg.
15. Stephen E turns in a pass from Nick.
16. Billy in corner centres for Jason to score.
17. Russ Richardson stopped but Greg puts away rebound.
18. Billy clipped the puck in with the heel of his stick from Greg's pass. A nomination for the goal of the night.

19. Brian scores inside the far corner from Arran's pass.
20. Mazy skate from Brian sets up Arran in front.
21. Greg's pass from behind the net to Billy. Phil's shutout then went when a Luke Green found Jason Haigh out wide to shoot past Phil for the biggest cheer of the night.
22. Russ' shot was saved and Luke was there for the rebound.
23. Russ' pass across the face of the goal was put in by Stephen E.
24. Greg sets up Jason at the far post.
25. After several attempts, Steve D puts it in.
26. Pass across the face of the goal from Steve D to Brian.
27. Stephen E's pass across the goal put in by Luke.
28. Pass across the goal for Steve M to lift in.
29. Jason skates through to beat keeper.
30. Steve D, off balance, scores in front.

That was the end of the scoring for the night and the Grimsby team received a standing ovation for their efforts. Aces' result could well be a record for Altrincham ice hockey, bettering a 29-5 away victory in Grimsby in 1996ish.


1-0 01.08 Allen
2-0 04.53 Price from Allen
3-0 05.45 Allen from Price
4-0 09.34 Hewitt from Allen and Price
5-0 09.41 Worrall
6-0 13.17 Hewitt from Price
7-0 16.54 Elliott from Crawley
8-0 17.22 Hewitt from Allen
9-0 19.58 Michie from Stretton
10-0 21.33 Crawley
11-0 25.28 Allen from Hewitt
12-0 29.07 Elliott from Mills
13-0 29.44 Hewitt from Crawley and Verstappen
14-0 30.59 Allen from Hewitt and Price
15-0 32.29 Elliott from Crawley
16-0 34.27 Allen from Hewitt and Price
17-0 39.13 Allen from Hewitt and R Richardson
18-0 39.44 Price from Hewitt and Allen
19-0 42.00 Worrall from A Richardson
20-0 43.52 A Richardson from Worrall
21-0 45.37 Price from Allen
21-1 45.51 Haigh from Green
22-1 46.46 Stretton from R Richardson and Elliott
23-1 47.47 Elliott from R Richardson
24-1 48.18 Hewitt from Allen and Price
25-1 51.11 Daly from A Richardson
26-1 52.19 Worrall from Daly and A Richardson
27-1 52.34 Stretton from Elliott and Michie
28-1 53.22 Michie from Elliott
29-1 54.35 Hewitt from Allen and Cassidy
30-1 55.54 Daly from A Richardson


Greg Allen 6+7, Russ Richardson 0+3, Phil Keelan, Steve Michie 2+1, Brian Worrall 3+1,
Nick Crawley 1+4, Jason Hewitt 6+5, Simon Mills 0+1, Arran Richardson 1+4,
Stephen Elliott 4+3, Luke Stretton 2+1, Steve Daly 2+1, Kevin Cassidy 0+1, Billy Price 3+6
Phil Verstappen (14s, 1g, 91.43%) 0+1 (mustn't forget the assist!!), Danny Higgin

SOG 119-14 PIMS 0-0